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The Living Legend of Jazz Dance: Matt Mattox

Dancing attracts the attention of many people from different countries of the world. Some of them believe that jazz dance is one of the most amazing and enjoyable types of dancing. It may be very entertaining to watch jazz dancers wearing classy outfits and elegant split sole jazz shoes performing amusing dances. One of the most famous jazz dancers who received numerous awards in choreography is Matt Mattox. If one is into jazz dancing it may be interesting for him or her to find out more interesting facts about the biography of the famous dancer.

Matt Mattox is a talented choreographer and a gifted dancer who contributed to the evolution of jazz dance in Europe and America. He was born in 1921 in Oklahoma. Matt received a good education in a ballet school. After that he started to work with a famous jazz dancer of that time Jack Cole for different Broadway shows. Matt spent hours in dance studios wearing split sole jazz shoes learning jazz movements. His efforts were awarded. Mattox became a choreographer for such famous Broadway musicals as Jennie and Say, Darling.

It is worth noticing that Matt succeeded not only as a Broadway choreographer but also as a leading dancer in Hollywood. Matt Mattox starred in such films as Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, There’s No Business Like Show Business and many others. Furthermore, Matt worked on television performing and choreographing for various shows. Performing in an elegant outfit and comfortable split sole jazz shoes in the concert series The Bell Telephone Hour Matt received Dance Masters of America Award for Choreographer of The Year.

It is interesting that as a choreographer Matt has created his unique dance style. It attracted the attention of the general public and some celebrities. Mattox’s distinctive dancing style originated from a combination of tap, flamenco, ballet, jazz, ethnic and modern dance. The high popularity of Matt Mattox attracted a future celebrity to his classes. Mattox was a dance teacher for Barbra Streisand. She wanted to study dancing before her audition for a song contest. At that time Matt didn’t know he was training a future celebrity when he put on his split sole jazz shoes and taught Barbra how to dance.

Today Matt Mattox lives in the French city of Perpignan which is close to the Spanish boarder. He moved to France in 1980 and since then prefers to live there. Matt and his wife Martine have become noted choreographers in Europe. They both put on their comfortable dancing unitards and stretchable split sole jazz shoes to conduct dance classes in many European countries.

It is evident that the evolution of jazz dance is an ongoing process. Famous jazz dancers such as Matt Mattox contributed greatly to the development of jazz dance techniques. Mattox’s outstanding performances in many TV shows, films and Broadway plays brought him fame and respect. Matt believes that hard work, a bit of luck and a great passion for dance may help one reach success.