Treat Your Dancing Feet



Many dancers are guilty of using their feet to their limit, but sometimes neglect to look after them sufficiently. Dance would be considerably harder if feet did not do their job properly when required to, which is why foot care for dancers is so important. It does not need to take hours, just a little care and attention each day to ensure you are able to dance to the best of your ability when on your feet.

Whatever your dance discipline, foot care applies to each dancer. Dancing barefoot for contemporary dance means feet could be subject to floor burns and hard skin; this itself can be a good thing to help you turn, however too much hard skin may see cracks forming which can be prone to splitting or infection. Some dancers wear socks to dance in, and there are now many varieties to choose from, however if you prefer to remain barefoot you can use a foot file or pumice stone to pare the hard skin down. If calluses develop some dancers may soak their feet in Epsom salts. Here, prevention is the best cure by keeping your feet moisturised, but clean and dry.

At the other end of the spectrum, dancers who work a lot in pointe shoes also suffer with their feet, and must care well for them in order to prolong their dancing lifetime. Spending long days in pointe shoes does your feet no favours, but in order to treat them well some dancers soak their feet each night, and attempt to resist pointe shoe discomfort with various home remedies. Bunions and blisters can be rife, so wear shoes which fit properly when you're not dancing too.

Overall, ensure your feet receive the relevant care they need by spending time looking after them on a daily basis, to ensure they are receiving the best possible support for dance.