Capezio Junior Footlight™ T-Strap Character Shoe

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Elevate your performance in these stylish T-Strap character shoes from Capezio. Features a non-slip heel with leather top lift that creates balance and a greater strike zone. Soft microfiber lining is moisture wicking and the foam padded footbed ensures extra comfort. Slim buckle closure eliminates the worry of the character shoe slipping off during vigorous routines.

* Nappa PU leather upper
* Scored leather sole
* Tele Tone® toe and Duo Tone® heel taps are compatible but not attached
* Moisture absorbent microfiber lining
* Foam padded footbed
* Achilles notch for comfort
* Folded edges
* Leather buckle
* Slightly tapered toe box
* Closed toe and sides
* 2" (5.1cm) heel with leather top lift
* Light shank
* Begin with street shoe size
* Material: Nappa PU leather
* Sole: Leather
* Lining: Microfiber